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Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, financial services markets, technology and outsourcing.


Specializing in Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial transactions 


Banking Law / Employment Law  / Immigration Law / Company Law /

Family Law​ / Election Petition / Commercial Law / Criminal Law  ​/  ​​

International Law  ​/ Real Estates /  Aviation Law / Entertainment Law /

Probate / Oil and Gas / Electricity Law 


Edidiong Akpanuwa & Co (EAC) is a Firm of skilled and experienced lawyers specializing in different areas of legal practice. The Law Firm was founded by Edidiong Akpanuwa, Esq who is the Senior Partner and Head of Chambers. The Senior Partner has many years of experience in legal practice having been involved in various cases at Superior Courts of Record (representing individual and corporate clients). The Head of Chambers has also carried out commercial transactions successfully for clients within and outside Nigeria.

At Edidiong Akpanuwa & Co (EAC), we are committed to providing innovative and useful legal advice/solutions to our clients. Efficiency, creativity, innovation, and prompt service delivery are our watchwords.


We look forward to working with you!! 

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